HVAC still cycles

I must of installed something correct its111 F today and my home’s A/C is still cycling off. Not many can do that.

The real question is… how quick does it cycle back on?

When we remodeled I re insulated attic and exterior walls unit stays off about 15 to 20 minutes with outside ambient 111 and 112 as we had at the first part of this last week. Hell JJ i thought u would of retired by now. I see your still at it.

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I’ve been trying to transition the biz more to Commercial and Industrial. Getting really tired of the day-to-day Residential client and agent BS!

Sounds to me the unit is oversized.

Any chance you are on load control from your utility provider? When they control mine they cycle it off in 15 minute increments I believe.

Must suck living in a commie state… Wait till all you can drive is electric!

Maybe y’all forgot Charley is an HVAC guy.
I don’t think he needs any help with a problem that doesn’t exist.

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I live in the sticks my utility company does not know what load control is, BTW I believe I would know if my lights went off for 15 minutes. U must live in Calif.

[quote=“Marcel Gratton, CMI, post:6, topic:218111, full:true, username:mgratton”]
Sounds to me the unit is oversized.
[/quote] Hi Marcel long time no see. No its size just perfect for Okla.

Come on Randy u can do better than that :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Dave as soon as I get mamma retired I am gona hook up the old RV and head east perhaps I can stop and visit a day or two.

Nice to see you back Charley! I guess location matter…
I had a 1.5 ton air conditioner in my house and it was perfect; during a heat wave the unit would turn on in the morning and run non stop all day. It was comfortable in the house and humidity was low. When I replaced the unit with a heat pump the HVAC technicien recommended a 2.5 - 3 ton unit. Because of the heat mode, I went with a slightly larger unit and picked a 2 ton unit. It is perfect in heating mode but cycles on and off in cooling mode and the house is not as comfortable. Maybe with global warming, it will eventually be the perfect size…Keep cool!

In my area, load control is a voluntary program that saves me a shit-ton of money on my electric bill. It can only be used with certain appliances, one of which being your AC.


I didn’t forget, because I never knew it in the first place.

I live in the sticks as well. It is usually the rural co-ops that offer load control or load management. It saves me a ton of money on heating, cooling, and water heating. Putting your lights on the program is not an option, lol.

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Around here, the monthly credit is about $5.00 (no joke) so no one uses it anymore.

A/C , pool pumps and water heaters are the 3 devices they (were) connected to.

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This is from my last bill. It is typically double this amount in the winter. Maybe not a lot of money to some, but I enjoy the savings and never even know that they are managing the load. They don’t turn off the AC entirely during management cycles.


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Directly from our Poco website.

The Demand Conservation Program incentive structure has changed for 2019-2025. If there is a need to call a “cycling” event during a critical “peak” summer day, participating customers will receive one end-of-season $5 credit on their November energy bill for each device installed on a central air conditioning unit, heat pump, water heater or pool pump. Participants will no longer automatically receive monthly credits on their summer energy bills.

Not much of an incentive. this is one reason i see most of these are no longer connected to the A/C units.

Hey Marcel at my age I don’t do heat anymore and its been hotter than the hubs of hell here for a month. I don’t want my A/C to run non stop I prefer to cycle. When I remodeled we added bubble wrap on all exterior walls and up graded attic insulation. Up graded all windows and exterior doors with overlaid storm glass with closable blinds. Helps a whole bunch. Soffit vents with 3 wind turbines to keep air circulating through the attic.