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Just jerking your chain mines free cannot teach on this board what it took me 40 years to learn. I must be a slow learner???

Just can not get away from Hvac did another IR scan today and the client complained about another room on the second story that was always cold and wanted me to scan the room. It took me no longer than it takes to enter the door to see the problem. Large bedroom on the NW corner of the home no wind breakers on the exterior and the supply duct was being fed with a six inch duct I could tell this by the size of the grill on the ceiling and confirmed by entering the attic.

The take off from the plenum was a 9 inch trunk and had 3 drops being supplied I could have spit more air than was being discharged from the register. This home had been added on to on both levels and the upstairs two added on rooms was being fed from an upstairs furnace and the supply for the addition was tapped into the top of the plenum with no balancing damper installed. The new addition was robbing all of the air from the remaining section of the home. This was accomplished by a Hvac contractor. Grab the money and go. And how many times have I heard on this board refer to a HVAC contractor.

The moral to this story is I wonder how many IR guys would have Scaned the room pointed out any deficiency noted with the camera and walked away???

Hi Charley…seems like the hardest thing is finding a GOOD HVAC man, one who is honest, knows the business, is reliable, and has the ability to talk to someone in layman’s terms…I finally found a GOOD HVAC man about a year ago…he has saved my clients thousands of dollars in unneeded parts, equipment, and man-hours doing the work.

I think the best one was about two months ago, two different licensed contractors here in the Valley told a friend of mine she needed a new condenser, no way around it…my HVAC man went there and found a $50.00 part solved the problem.

Yes sir I agree I can probably tell you what her problem was from here If I was a betting person I would say the spade terminal burnt off of the compressor terminal leaving a round stub that the spade would not fit on. Just needed a $25.00 adapter kit to allow the wire to be cut off and re-attached. I have seen whole condensers replaced for no more than a burnt off wire.

I think we could even go as far to say some inspectors don’t ever know what size headers are required for any given application and etc… When I went to take an advanced HVAC course and the main Q’s were about the A/C drain lines I knew there are a lot of home buyers in trouble…anyone can inspect?

Even worse the instructor spent over 20min with this inspector…I pulled my guys from the class and spent the day doing tourist things ( was @ NACHI Orlando convention)

Yes it is pretty scary to me the amount of knowledge the average Hi knows about this subject and some of the questions asked on this BB. I would venture to say that most HI’s do not even know the basic refrigeration cycle. There are so many things that can be observed with a visual inspection if one knows what to look for but just go un-reported because of lack of knowledge.

BTW Kirkland Wa use to be a very nice place the first girl I dated away from home lived in Kirkland;-)

there are 7 large HVAC/R companies in the surrounding 6 counties …with countless small HVAC shops … and only two companies I will recommend to my clients.
Quality contractors are few and far between.

In my area, the best I can recommend is the better of a couple of “so, so” firms; the rest are crap!!!

Recently, at the beginning of the final deficiency inspection of a new $500,000+ home, when entering the mechanical room, I felt I had found a great new start-up firm. The ducts for the HP/AC appeared to be properly sized (the return trunk was larger than the supply trunk- good practice), it was an all metal duct system with vibration collars, there was duct liner to cut equipment sound, the ducts were sealed.

But as I looked closer, the sealing was poor and no insulation was installed on ducts other than the duct liner to reduce sound!! Still looking for a GOOD HVAC firm!!

Good luck they are about as common as chicken teeth

Well almost a 100 viewers from the time this post was started I would have to draw the conclusion that Hi’s are still looking for cheep HVAC training;)

Maybe they are not even looking for cheap training but free…something they have been conditioned to here!!

You guys are welcome to come and learn and trade and swap info.

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:smiley: Plenty of Resources and Directory and Education…if asked.