hvac venting issue

Hi, First time posting a problem,
I was just wondering how you would write up the pictures on a report. The venting is in the crawlspace of a home built in 58’, and there is a horizontal furnace in there, with about 10-12’ of horizontal exhaust vent tying into the older, probably original vent. Yes, it goes straight into the dirt, and I don’t know where it leads to :eek: There was quite a bit of moisture, no plumbing above, or in area. Condensation, or roof leak?
Thanks for any insight…

I would be glad to help you but can not make heads or tails from your pic,s and I don’t speak your same language don’t understand what you are calling exhaust. Do you have a pic from a distance all your pics are to close to tell anything about them

Hi Charly,
I took the best pics I could in the crawl space, lots of debris, there was a swamp cooler on the other side of the house from the entry way! It barely fit in a dug out hollow, on the other side of the supply and return vents for the furnace.
That was about as far away I could get to take the pics, due to ducting, floor beam and support posts.
The first pic shows the original furnace exhaust vent, oblong, coming out of the ground, goes straight up thru attic, roof. At the upper left corner, a new furnace exhaust, round, ties into the older exhaust vent. It is a side view, showing the connection from the newer furnace vent.
The second pic is the view looking down, from the other side, of the original vent.
The third pic is looking up, the original vent, where it goes past the floor joists, through the first floor planking. It should have been rotated 90 degrees CW to show true vertical.
Part of the original furnace exhaust vent is buried.

Not much I can tell you anytime a furnace is in a crawl space it is just a disaster waiting to happen. They are always out of sight out of mind people will enter a attic before they will enter a crawl space. Thus very little to no maintenance. Run to failure and then they wonder why it quits operating. As for any duct exiting the ground I can think of no logical reason for this. I would not place much emphasis on what was abandoned. My concern would be does the flue pipe have proper discharge and does the CO completely exit the structure

Thanks Charly, appreciate the advice.

Do you do commercial work out to Albuquerque?

Yes I do:D

Sorry for the late reply, holidays. If I get a commercial inspection lead, I will recommend you!

Well thank you I do referral fees:D