hvac websites ?

Looking for a website that will assist me in finding specs on hvac major brand units. Most units have serial #'s and model numbers but lack having btu’s or how many ton’s an ac unit is…

I know it maybe worthless info, but have customers ask how big or what size unit do I have ( Not into guessing )…

www.ebward.com. They’re a major distributor in the Nor Cal area.

the tonnage of almost every air conditioner is coded right in the model number.

That’s why even if there is nothing wrong with the major appliances HVAC, WH, range, oven, micro…I take a photo of the label plate and add to the report.

This also has saved my clients and my butt when an AC unit didn’t work upon taking posession.

Seems the sellers thought that 6 month old 4T 13 SEER needed to go to their new place. They actually had someone hook up a burn-out.

Because there was a delay in the move in, they tried to pull the old switcharoo. Cops were called out and unit was returned within a day. :oops:

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Try a search either here on the forum or on the net.
Here’s what I came up with using google


Great site, thanks. I was looking for a Carrier manual just this morning.