Heating and Cooling

Answers all across the map here, I like it.

I noticed that earlier. Hmm

In AZ the requirements are quite clear.

Just heat in AZ.

Not correct Mark.


Check out the checklist. They recently made changes that our reports must comply with.

They like to sneak these changes through and not tell anyone not in their special club.

I would say INACHI inspectors technically are not required to ensure heating and cooling in each room.

I read a thread in the HVAC section where Inspectors stated they did not check because things were in the way.

I guess everyone agrees

Good question/poll Brian.

Yes, I agree with post 7.

Nonetheless Chris my state requires I check so to be sure I just use the ir thermometer on each register in each room.

Same here, at all visible registers.

I check all visible registers and report on only the issues. I just found 1 a/c register reading 4dgr higher and checked attic and found pinched off ducting to that room.

Does anyone from FL know if we have a checklist like this available?

Don’t taze me bro! :lol:

Not Required