Hydralic Cement around pipes.

Would like some opinions please on using sakrete hydralic cement around pipes cut through concrete foundation about 6 " from the top of slab floor from the inside and exiting to a barn and well from the house (yes or no with reasoning please). There is quite a good sized hole, looks like critters have been also coming through the opening based on the dirt piles on the floor so definitely need to plug it. Heavy rains and spring runoff sometimes allows some seepage into basement though this opening, outside grading is acceptable and so is drainage as far as we know. There are two water lines one cast iron going to barn, one is plastic tubing coming from well to pressure tank, one power line inside pvc conduit going to submersible pump in well no gas.

We always did this in the past in my carpentry days without troubles but I’m reading some sources now saying no, I thought that was just with gas lines, some people are saying it can corrode the pipes, but what about all the other unsleaved pipes going through foundations that I have seen over the years that have no signs of corrosion???

BTW this is a 140 year old farm house that I have been trying to restore.

Thanks for your input!

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Many use black plastic electrical TAPE to isolated the metal from the concrete .

I sued it in a basement wall around the water pipe and the basement never leaked again. I agree with some sort of isolation like tape but I use 10 mil tape. There are some foam sleeves that you can buy at most hardware stores. The reasoning to not pin the pipes is that if the concrete moves it will take the pipe with it.

Thanks Guys!