I am downsizing my inspection business

I went from an Astro van to a Chevy HHR. I had to make a few modifications to get the ladder in but it is working out great. I cut my fuel bill in half.

Nice job. Looks great.

Nice job on the ‘headache rack’. Did you do the modifications/welding yourself, or sub it out?

Looks very professional.

Looks great!

Looks nice!

Question … Most local guys that use a HHR, put little giant on roof racks like on a work van. Why did you take up your inside room.

Snow and ice, plus it hurts MPG. I did think about it. Ken

I use a Suzuki SX4 and a Ford Transit Connect. I can fit a fold up 20’ ladder in the SX4 and all my gear (but. no other people) I use this for longer trips and tougher terrain in the winter because of the all wheel drive. Necessary here in VT. The Transit Connect is a great utility van. Lots of room and set up options.

I have a small 110 wire welder. It was a fun little project.