I am going to meet Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick!

And my Awesome wife says it is ok! :twisted:

Come Meet Brande Roderick!

See you all in Vegas!

Confident wife…

She knows who you goin’ home with…:smiley:

And for some others: :p:shock::mrgreen:

Also appearing on Sunday, Jase Souder

So is Brande actually going to be there or is Jase going to make us
think some old inspector is her ?

Ha Ha!

She is ACTUALLY going to be there…

My response is the same as when asked to go to a strip club.
What the heck good is it if you can’t touch them ?

Thats why we have internet porn. :slight_smile:

Should we have Jase Souder Hypnotize you into thinking you are touching Brande?

That could be SUPER entertaining!

That really depends where you are?


Where have you been going? :shock:

Ruh- Ro:mrgreen:

Is there a list of vendors that will be present?

Vendors are HERE

The Floor Plan is HERE

FREA will be next to the HON Booth. That is where Brande will be Sunday night… Russ… you could keep John Gambling… he can visit the FREA booth Monday!

Unless of course he wants business advise from her… as she was on Celebrity Apprentice… then I guess he would have an “excuse” :slight_smile:

Why is NAHI and INACHI on separate sides of the room?..LMAO!!!

Better spitball fights.

Hmmmm and who would I actually be touching ?

Reminds me of a game called “lights out”

why would recall check be there? arent they limiting their number of inspectors to 5000 and that was already reached?

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I know your speaking, just didnt know what your selling with a booth set up

Does this mean we will be seeing you in Vegas Robert ?

So where are the chip n dales:D