i am here to answer questions regarding financing IR Cameras


My name is John Estes with First Pacific Funding. I have been providing financing for Ir Cameras for over 8 years . I can set up a lease purchase program to spread the cost of the camera over a 2 , 3 ,4 or 5 year period. This will allow you to purchase the camera with as little as $215 down and payments that will allow the camera to pay for itself over time. Some of the benefits are listed below:
Conservation of Capital If your money is not tied up in equipment costs, you’re free to spend it on other items such as inventory, advertising, research & personnel.
Fixed Payments Lock in payments - facilitate financial planning with stable payment structure.
100% Financing Eliminate the need for a down payment - use the cash elsewhere in your company for expansion.
Enjoy Flexibility Longer terms, lower payments structured to fit your budget. Leasing is the least restrictive form of financing today.
Obsolescence Protections Avoid the risk of owning equipment that is no longer technologically useful or valuable - let the lessor assume the risk We have a program to upgrade your equipment over time.
Tax Savings Payments on qualifying leases are written off as direct operating expenses, reducing current taxable income. Avoid negative impact of the alternative minimum tax or mid-quarter depreciation penalties.
Use Of Equipment Cost-cutting profit-making equipment installed immediately. Access to the equipment you need. When you need it, in order for your business to grow and prosper. Pay as you use!
Enhanced Cash Flow You pay only for the use of the asset, not its ownership. This makes for easier cash flow forecasting.
100% Cost Coverage All “soft” costs including insurance, maintenance taxes, training and installation shipping and software-right in the lease.
Credit Diversification Your bank lines are not burdened. Gives you leverage - leaving normal lines of bank credit undisturbed. Avoid restricting your ability to respond to opportunities and emergencies.
Purchase/Renewal Options At the end of your lease, you choose to purchase your equipment for as low as $1.00 or, upgrade to new equipment

Please feel free to ask any questions. I can be reached : John Estes
First Pacific Funding
10700 Woodinville Drive
Bothell WA 98011

Phone 866-751-3240
Fax 866-861-2808

I will also respond to questions on the message board.

Thanks John.

Are you able to offer this in all 50 states? In Canada?

Yes I can cover all of the United States and work with a Canadian partner for Canada

How does a member’s credit rating affect approval?

What model camera are most inspectors leasing?

The personal credit of the member may affect the payments Normal good credit will have the lowest payment, with credit issues it may impact the mothly paymet. It is best to contact me directly and i can give a good estimate.

I have leased many different models from the very basic models that the vendor offers to units that run over $30,000. I have had inspectors tell me that they feel they should lease the best model that they can afford, resolution, sensitivity ease of use and shock ratings are all very important and the higher the rating the more expensive the camera. However the difference in payment from one model to the next one up often only results in payment increase less than $50 to $100 per month.

Is Your Business Leaving Money on the Table?

Business owners throughout the country are leaving billions, with a capital B, of dollars on the IRS table. How is this possible you ask? As part of the Bush Tax cut, businesses may deduct (expense) up to $125,000 from taxable income for purchases of new equipment put in service by December 31, 2006. It’s called Internal Revenue Code Section 179. Many of you are thinking, “that’s great but I don’t have $125,000 to spend on new equipment”.

You do not have to have the cash to benefit from this provision. If you borrow the money through a properly constructed lease, you may still be able to take advantage of the deduction.

Another very significant benefit often goes unnoticed. Let’s say you have very little or no taxable income in your business, but you or your spouse has another job where you do have taxable income. Under the right circumstances you may still be able to deduct the equipment acquisition from your tax return if you file jointly. Below are two examples to clarify the provisions.

Example 1: You own a business and your taxable income prior to taking the 179 deduction is $75,000. You need some new equipment but don’t want to use your cash, as you know cash is the lifeblood of any business. You decide to go the leasing route as shown below for a $25,000.00 purchase. (A)

Without Using Section 179 Using Section 179

Original Taxable Income $75,000 $75,000
New Taxable Income $75,000 $51,000
Taxes Due to Uncle Sam $15,307 $8,587
Tax Savings 0 - $6,720
Lease Payment for 60 Mo. Lease $545
Portion of your lease paid by your tax savings: Over 12 Months.
($6,720 divided by $545 = 12.3 Months)

Example 2: Using the same example above, but you had no taxable income in your business. Your spouse, however, had W2 income of $75,000. The same numbers would hold true if filed on a joint return.

In either case you get the equipment your business needs and your tax savings will pay for several months of your lease payments. Think about it! Get new equipment or pay the money to the IRS. You can even structure your lease so that regular payments don’t begin until next year and your out of pocket can be as low as $20.00.

For Questions or if you would like to take advantage of this Tax savings please call

Hi John,

I have been looking for this type of arrangement;

I am about to enter into IR but I do not want my equipment to be too far out of date in a couple of years.

Can you eloborate on your obsolescence protection? What type of rates is one typically looking at?

Who is your Canadian partner? Saftey Express?

I too am interested in what you mean by “obsolescence protection.” Do you simply mean that when the lease runs out we of course can then lease the latest model, or are you talking about something more?

The leases that I write are designed for technology equipment. In most cases if you want to upgrade to a new camera a few years into the lease, you work out a trade in price and we reset the lease to include the new replacement equipment.

Ok. So lets say we are looking at a $8,000 camera. What would the monthly payments be with zero buy-out in the end?

That depends on your credit and time in business . Also what term would you be looking at ? I also have programs to extend the first 6 months of the lease be as low as $99.00 per month to allow time to build your ir business. I would be happy to go over an individual quote with you please email or call

Can training costs be included in the overall price of the camera. Meaning, can we put the training into the price of the camera being that its not a tangible.

Training costs, shipping, and software can all be included into the package.

Wow. John, I understand you are working with InterNACHI member and HGTV host Steven Ramos. Can you explain what you guys are up to?

What about repair? If the unit fails or breaks in a way not due to abuse. Does you program provide a replacement. Once you start using this technology, your clients expect it.


I believe they are just financing your lease and other costs. For repair that would be covered under your lease agreement with the provider/manufacturer of the camera.

I was asked to attend the Fllir regional Infrared Conferences held by Flir specifically to address questions regarding the use of IR cameras for Home Inspectors. They had Steve Ramos ( Steve Ramos is HG TV’s House Detective, a Certified Home Inspector, and the Owner of Envirovue Home Inspection. Steve is also a Certified Building Science Thermography with an Infrared Specialty in Home Inspection ) there giving a presentation on how to integrate Thermography into your business. He will be doing more seminars with Flir into next year.
My role was to show how to make the cameras affordable and profitable . By spreading the cost of the camera over a longer period, the camera can be used once or twice in a month and be paid for. This frees up cash that would be used to purchase the camera for other uses like advertising or other uses.

That is correct repair of the camera is covered by warranty or insurance or out of pocket.