I am in awe of the President and First Lady...

…of Chile. No speechifying, no politicizing. Just plain compassion and concern for his countrymen.

I admire the First Family of Chile for their contribution to this rescue effort…and to the rescue team, techicians and engineers who made it happen.

Cheers to all of the teams and workers from twelve nations who contributed to this heoric mission.

I wonder how much radon was down there.

What happened in Chile?

and if it happen here do u think nobama would stay there and greet each miner as they came out for what like 30 hrs?

No …because then you would complain he was showboating.

Sebastian Pinera and the Chilean government were very impressive in the handling of this disaster. US officials should simply listen to his short description from last night’s discussion with Diane Sawyer. They could learn a lot.

What brand?

Chicago style…

Yummity, yummity…