I am the speaker at the General Membership Luncheon, West Pasco Board of REALTORs.

I will be speaking at the General Membership Luncheon of the West Pasco Board of REALTORs in Tampa, Florida on September 12, 2007. About 180 agents will be in attendance to learn why it is important to recommend NACHI members exclusively.

Keep us posted!
I have been debating joining the pasco board of realtors but would to attend this meeting.
Jason Ward


You have to be a member of the board to attend the luncheon.

I’m also working on getting Nick to stay in town to attend the Tampa Chapter meeting and possibly starting a West Pasco, Pinellas Chapter and having Nick around to get us up and running

Just FYI - Nancy Riley, President of Florida Assn of Realtors (FAR) is a member of the West Pasco Board - she will probably gloat on the passage of the HI bill… she was active in pushing it to the legislature and the governor.

I don’t think I’ve met Nancy Riley. I do know several Realtors are really all for the bill around here so it’ll be interesting

Tape / Film it, Nick!

Good idea. I’ll bring NACHI TV.

Sure, you can film your talk, and later film the NACHI chapter meeting.

Cool, if I can get my hair done in time you can also film the electrical training I’ll be doing in the afternoon :wink: :wink: :mrgreen:



Well that should take all of about 10 seconds

Maybe NACHI TV could film Bruce’s face when he gets the beers in after the meeting. Now that will make for good TV.

Yeah can’t wait to see the look on his face when he find out that the round is for 70 people who have RSVP’d :shock: :shock: :shock:

We gotta catch that on camera :wink: