I am thinking this is wrong

The overhead conductors are in contact with the edge of the roof. Where they touch the roof, a sleeve has been installed to protect the wires. I have never seen this, and my gut tells me that this is a lousy homeowner fix, and not something that the POCO installed. Can someone confirm that this is, in fact, not an approved method of protecting the overhead service conductors? Also, should the client call an electrician or the POCO for repairs?




Looks like a Puget Sound Energy fix to me. They are terrible.

That is just wrong. For clearances above the roof - 4-in-12 slope or greater - the minimum height is 3 feet (NEC 230.24a) - unless your jursidiction allows otherwise.

Hi Steve,

I agree Progress energy down here do the same with conductors rubbing against tree limbs, I know cause thats what they did in my back yard!!



Hi Bill, I agree, but the local power company is thier own AHJ so they make up the rules as they go along.



Usually if you call about it they will make repairs to get up to NESC standards.
That will parallel the NEC on overhead clearance issues. It is true they “self inspect” but when called on it a supervisor will inspect the inspector.

That’s a POCO repair, but it still doesn’t make it right.

Consequently, that “sleeve” is called “guy guard”. It’s mostly used on pole down guys at grade level. It was often grey or white in times gone by, but it’s normally yellow in color nowadays. Keeps people from walking into a pole guy when used in its normal fashion.