I anyone a member?

Is anyone a member of this Association?

I’m planning on joining after my Level 1 Cert. They have a pretty impressive list of board members.


Do they have an actual website url? Using an IP address is pretty strange in this day and age!


Ok, that makes more sense!

I think they should make any who apply a member for free till they get a few more members .
They also have a search and it looks like it works in the USA only .
I did a search from New York state out to 250 miles and they only have two listed .
I think I will wait to see how it grows and if they seem like they are doing things for the membership.

1[Stephen Christopher](http://www.mynact.org/locator/results_details.php?id=30&dist=225 miles)225 miles 46 Luciano Drive
[view map](http://us.rd.yahoo.com/maps/us/insert/Tmap/extmap/-http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=46 Luciano Drive&csz=Southington+CT+06489&country=US) Southington CT US 06489 2[Richard Long](http://www.mynact.org/locator/results_details.php?id=19&dist=245 miles)245 miles 140 Elmora ave. #8
[view map](http://us.rd.yahoo.com/maps/us/insert/Tmap/extmap/
-http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=140 Elmora ave. #8&csz=Elizabeth+NJ+07202&country=US) Elizabeth NJ US 07202

Mario, I did a search like Roy and within a 550 mile radius from my place down to Maryland, seven members.

I think I would give this a little time like Roy mentioned, I pulled up the application fee, and looks like $250 is what they are looking for to build up their membership.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


All orgs have to start from zero. I’m with Kevin on this, the directors have impresive resume’s and hopefully the member benifits will get better with time.


All orgs have to start from zero. I’m with Kevin on this, the directors have impressive resumes and hopefully the member benefits will get better with time.


What are your thoughts on the fact that they do not expand into Canada? Are you going to try and get a chapter in Canada? If you are, and they are able to help people in the Home Inspecting Industry I am in. Like Roy said there search is only for the USA and at this time they are no help to us in Canada for booking inspections.

Please keep us posted if you decide to look at the organization closer and if they want to come to Canada they may have a few people that would join.

Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections


If we can get enough Canadian inspectors to join this org. we can effectively have them change the name from “National” to “International”. and teach them about postal codes and Provinces!!

If the Ininfraspection Institute do not bring there level 1 course to Orlando in March I will go with these guys and there course in Tampa.


Look into it and if it is a good thing I will be there. Keep me posted.


Just stand by Big Changes coming in this Industry before the snow melts.


Are these changes in Canada or in the USA? Did I understand that you were just taking a IR class?


Took the FLIR Level one in Dec now doing the 16 hour marathon with John Mc and Will D this Saturday and Sunday .
Also did the Flir on line.
Also have bought over $100;00 in books and over $200;00 in Disks.
Lots to learn so little time .
I think you have some idea of what I was talking about a some INFO is Coming out of Alberta.
More will be coming out of Ontario and BC soon.

Any who have thoughts to add send mail Thanks.

…Cookie …Roycooke@sympatico.ca