I attended a really good tractor show today. PICS.

Lots of fun.

Hey Tesla, this is an all-electric car:

Hey Ford, this vehicle has an all-aluminum body.

And my favorite:

You’d love the Steam Threshers Festival in Plain City OH every July.

The Girl or the Truck?;):slight_smile:

The girl. :wink: The truck isn’t mine.

Logical :smiley:

I would!

It’s a week long event tractor pulls, demolition derby, lawn mower races, and the oh so popular steam thresher parade and much more. People come from all over the country for it.

I still want to get to the John Deere museum.

Love the fall fair season.

When I was in high school we used to “plant” soy beans in everyone’s gutters along the parade route, we timed the plants so they would be about 4" tall at the time of the parade. It was easy to tell who forgot to clean their gutters. :wink: