I built an addition for a young family in need without a building permit !!

When the parents built the home they did not adequately plan the size of the house they built. #-o

Their family grew fast and one of the 6 children was forced to leave home before being ready for the outside world due because of the lack of available space in the home. :cry:

I encountered the displaced youth and after careful consideration thought it was best if this youth could remain at home a little longer to develop the skills need to survive in the world today.

So built an addition on to the existing home for FREE !. Time was of the essence as I knew the longer the youth was separated from their family the harder it would be to reintegrate with parents and siblings so I built the addition without a building permit. :-;;

The new home is more than twice the size of the original. The youth is now happily living back at home with siblings.

Below is a picture of the orignal home (the light colored structure) with the attached addition (the darker structure).


I used a pair of old gloves that have been in the barn for quite some time which has that “rural” smell so that my human scent would be minimized.

I as puttered around in the shop for awhile I noticed that parents return to check things out and with in a few minutes regular trips being made to feed the chicks so I guess all is good…. That is until the building department finds out. -o< :wink:

Earlier in the day I saw at least 2 chicks in the addition but by the time I took the picture it was little cooler so I think the are cuddling together for warmth so nobody was in the addition. Not much feathers on these guys at this point.

My only regret is that I did not build a bathroom as they seem to think that is what the floor of my shop is for. :roll:


Great Paul what breed are they … Cookie

I must admit I don’t know my birds very well but I think they are sparrows.

Paul, those look like barn swallows to me, you may soon regret your decision, a noble one at that.

I own an old farm house and barn swallows can be my worst enemy, not that they are destructive but once they move in they s%it all over everything, almost as much as bats.

Barn Swallows

Very common on my place.

Its a good thing these folks do not live near you!


To me living in the country means living with nature. These are the only “family” that live in the shop. Then I got about 50-60 in the barn. Yes they do make a mess :neutral:

Every year there is one family that nests in the downspout of the barn. Then a few weeks later a big rain comes and the gush of water pops that nest right out like a cork. :shock:

Yeah Paul, I know what you mean, before I replaced my old garage door they would get in there in nest everywhere, behind he garage I have an in ground pool and they would swoop down for a drink but also leave a deposit too.

Drove me crazy, but since I installed a new garage door, no more problems.

Now lets talk about the gophers, porcupines, and Coydogs!!!

Hey Peter
You forgot to mention the pigs, the chickens, the rabbits…:mrgreen:

You forgot about the turkeys too.