I C F blocks

What should a inspector be looking for as far as defects or problems to identify for the client. Construction of the home is listed as: High Efficiency Insulated Block Construction, built in 2006.

Here are some issues:

Fire issues due to the use of foam.
Termites and the use of foam below-grade.
Structural concerns, especially for high loads due to backfilling, wind, earthquake; special constructions; attachment/integration of walls, floors, roofs; and proper filling of forms with concrete.
Moisture protection.
Attachment of finishes.

I am an ICF believer, I built my basement with them. Call me if you wish.


Good post Gerry!



ICF blocks made me rich in the inspection biz. Every other competitor was out there at the REALTOR sales meetings saying the same old boring crap “I’m bla bla bla, I’m a very thorough home inspector, my phone number is bla bla bla”

I used to bring in ICF blocks, do a quick set-up demo, pass them around the room, hand out talking points that agents could use to sell homes with ICF foundations (with my biz card attached). It was so interactive and fun. Got tons of work from those presentations.

Thanks to everyones feed back. Gerry, I have a question for you regarding the fire safety. The only exposed section of the foam was located behide a gas water heater that sat about 12 - 15 inchs away, because of the foam exposer in this area would that be an acceptable distance away for the hot water tank?