I called this out.

Furnace flue vent…

I actually dont see this very often, but figured it was wrong.



your pictures suck
what exactly are you concerned about?

Internet Bully!

I may be wrong but aren’t the joints supposed to go the other direction to drain condensation out of the vent pipe? I don’t see to many gas vents and assume single wall due to the adjustable elbow.

Yeah I saw this on my phone earlier (the pics do suck)…lol
Yes the seam is backwards.

Looks like aluminum pipe & elbow, not a problem if it is correct gage (22 or better), but I betcha thats dryer vent. In the pic it looks as if the wires are touching or nearly so. That would be another bad thing if they were.

STOP bullying the bully, and answer the OP’s question!