I can assume that no one objects to opening this course to non-members ???


It could save a life.

open it up Nick, good idea.

Excellent information

Well done



I agree. If it helps, it helps.

Ensuring safety, for Home Inspectors and the public is one of NACHI’s highest goals. To withhold this from inspectors or other associations would just be petty.

Pass it on!

OK then… your gift to the inspection industry. Open and free to all.

Best move! Some things HAVE to be shared.

Glad to see it is open to all. Well written and well thought out, and should benefit all inspectors.

Perhaps you could attach a comment section at the end of the course.
Then share with us the more notable testimonies and comments.

I would like my visitors to my web site to see this as well.
It might give some a better idea of what we go through to
provide them our service, and save a life.