I Can't Believe HomeGauge is charging $200/year for what was a free

listing on find an Inspector. Additionally, HG wants $300/year for what was a gold listing! What are you thinking Russell? It’s a good thing we have a friend with Home Inspector Pro!

If it’s any consolation, you are on all these: www.nachi.org/directories.htm for free :D.

In all fairness to Russell, that price includes hosting your inspection reports and the annual subscription to software updates and support. Is HIP free for life after you buy it?

You have it all wrong Nick, the NACHI sites ARE the Main Event…Thank you!!
HG listings are really not that important, disappointing that charges are associated with a basic listing but not important…at all. Russell is taking full advantage of HG users in terms of templates, upgrades and listings. It is a shame that a company I have personally promoted to fellow inspectors has taken this path. I will be promoting HIP EXCLUSIVELY from this day forward, after all, Dominic has helped this membership enormously since becoming a member/vendor here at NACHI. It is one of the reasons I purchased a licence from HIP when it first hit the market…it’s all about support Russell…not always about the money!

YES, HIP has FREE Inspector listings for users and non users, upgrades have all been FREE thus far (will probably change with version 3) and less ten ½ the cost!


Thanks for your continued support and for the FREE listing!!!

Dang Mario, did the Kool-aid go down the wrong way this morning? Hippies are funny:p

I just call it as I see it.

Hey thanks Mario :wink:

I’m not sure what HG is doing, but yes our directory listings are free for our users and non users (non users just need to link back to us somewhere on their site). I thought HG’s was free too but it looks like Mario is saying they changed it. And like Nick said you have tons of directories to get listed on here too.

We’re on a 2.5 to 3 year cycle on FULL version updgrade 2.x to 3.x. 3.x won’t be anything magical as we roll out new features as we come up with them and hold nothing back. About 60%+ of our users will get a free upgrade to 3.x because they use our website hosting & upload service, are on a lease plan or will have purchased our software within 6 months of 3.x coming out. The 3.x update will be $250 and obviously optional. Our users will still have free tech support for life no matter what.

Our software costs will never go as high as the others as we’ve refused to partner with schools that wanted a huge commission to sell our software. We’d rather keep the price lower for everyone. There’s been plenty of schools that have been happy to just give their users a choice in software programs and include ours.

It also must be added that HIP’s websites are the best around too! Who else offers a fully loaded site with webforms, link exchange, fully formatted pages, and over 25 REAL themes to work with. All of that for $25.00. I haven’t seen even a comparable deal, let alone a better one.

Hey Mario. You are wrong about additionally. Its 300 a year same as it ever was for all the services. It just isnt called Gold, Platinum etc. Websites are $15 a month each.

The only thing we did different, is remove the free listing. If you are in HG services at $300 a year, its included. But if you are not, then pay for an “equal” listing.

We did this to remove the levels and recognize the HG software users who also use our HG Services.

This is what the majority of HG users with HG Services wanted. So, I am supporting those who continue to support HG beyond the one time sale.

So let me get this straight, you really don’t care about previous purchasers if they don’t use other HG services. Very interesting choice of words Russell.
Ontario inspectors have dropped from HG listings to only 29 from 69+. Do you really think the other 40 inspectors will recommend your services to new or existing fellow inspectors now that you have deleted their listing? If you’re asking, and I know you’re not, this was a very bad business decision. Good luck with HG

BTW The stats are for Ontario…….that’s Ontario, Canada!

You’re still not straight, but thats ok. We give you (one time purchasers) free support over the phone year after year and we pay for the phone bill and HG staff’s time to assist you without your help. We still continue to do that regardless of whether or not you use any HG Services. So yes we do care about the one time purchaser of the software and you get more than you paid for with on going free support based on a one time purchase.

Those who use HG Services help pay for research and development etc. and to advance the Software and Services at a much higher pace. Those that use our HG Services help us grow and help us develop marketing opportunities that we then give back to those who support us ongoing.

HomeGauge is not trying to be a general association of inspectors (like INACHI, ASHI, NAHI etc.).

We are committed to help improve/evolve, promote and supply those inspectors who use HG Services with the best tools and marketing opportunities in the industry.

[FONT=Verdana]You are discounting the one time purchaser; this is where I feel you are making your biggest mistake! You are suggesting that we are insignificant compared to the suckers that fork over $300/year.:wink:

Suckers? So if your fellow inspector sees value in something and pays for it (keyword “pays”) they are a sucker? What do you call someone who feels they are entitled to features they didn’t pay for and expects it to be free?

Hey Mario, from a satisfied HG “sucker” I hate to see you all tore up about a “listing” that you say is not that important anyway. I’m always amazed that other software users will pay (as an example) $20 a month for other services that’s included in HG Services. All those additional fees add up when you could have had it all with HG Services.

Anyway, **Thanks **to Russell and HG for all they do!

Your Sucker;-)

(PS Membership has it p[FONT=Times New Roman]rivileges:cool:… just messin with you;-))[/FONT]

Mario we are not discounting the existing users. Please call the
support line and we will help like we have done many times. Your
software will work exactly the same. I do not understand why you are so
upset about losing a tiny little free extra service that you already
claimed in a previous post that has no value to you.

We are working to improve the listing to the home buyers and agents so it will have better results for the inspectors that get the calls. The other guys that fork over $300/year do not think they are suckers they get the listing plus much much more and many have stated they feel like they should be paying more.

I looked your account up just now and see that you never tried the services? You are welcome to try them out if it helps you to make an informed decision. Try another free 30 day trial of the HG services and see the value of all it has to offer which is much more than just the listing.

For everyone else the changes in HG Internet tools services
are explained below. This change is for the HG Internet Services only
and everything remains the same for the software. The software still
has free and even toll free phone support ongoing.

HG Service Changes:

Bronze Plan: Included a free listing on HomeGauge.com – Was free and
now has been removed. This was done at the request for many years from
users of the service that felt there was too many inspectors in the
listing. It being free made it very hard to verify which inspectors
were still in business and hence the quality of the search has greatly
improved for the users (home buyers and agents ). I assume the other companies offering free listing services will run into this same problem once they get enough and have been around long enough. Internachi’s search is included in your membership fee so they will not have this issue.

Silver: now called Inspector Search Listing Only – Previously was
$20/month or $200 a year and still is the same price. The search results also use to be broke down by the levels but is now all equal giving the Silver/Inspector Search Listing more value.

Gold: now called HG Services - Includes report uploads / business
scheduler / search listing / free software upgrades and much more -
Still priced at $30/month or $300 year. Nothing changed but the name.

Platinum: Use to include the Gold and a hosted website but now has been
removed.We did this because many inspectors were wanting more than one website. So they now all use the base HG Services and as many web site hosting services as they desire. Hosted websites are the same $15/month or $150/year as they always were.

I hope that explains it. We removed one free service, renamed some
things but kept all other prices and delivered services the same or better.

Come see HomeGauge at the CAHPI in Montreal on October 15th where we will be giving our excellent customer service and we can show you more of the HG Services.


Thanks for all your continued support and great customer service. I have used eInspections and I own a license to HIP. All are great products.

I personally use the HG Services and pay 30 bucks a month for it, even though I do not use the upload and report hosting features (I use the ISN for that). I see value in participating in the HG services plan even though I don’t use all of the features. The free upgrades and the inspector listing are awesome.

Keep up the good work, Russell :slight_smile:


But you ARE discounting users that do not buy into your additional services.


Betrayed, deceived, back-stabbed, abandoned…take your pick Russell

You are absolutely correct Russell. I do not care about the free listing it’s only a matter of principal.
When I purchased your software I was however promised a FREE listing with the basic Bronze package. It is now gone. I have to ask myself what’s next. What does Russell have up his sleeve for us? Charging a fee for users (one time purchasers or should I say the undesirables) to download new versions of the product? Maybe version 4.3 or 4.4?

Lucky for us we do have alternatives!

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