I Can't Believe HomeGauge is charging $200/year for what was a free


You do realize that these posts show up when potential customers look you up on online???

You look like a fool.


Acting like a fool or looking like a fool and actually being a fool are completely different things.
I am nobody’s fool Vinnie but thanks for your concern!:wink:

HG is a good company and provides a good service. They wouldn’t be around next year if they didn’t charge a fee. This kind of junk is what keeps a lot of good people away from an excellent board (AT TIMES).

Only a fool could make sense of that line. If it walks like a duck…

And I would bet you inspected no houses today. If you did, then call your clients back and refund their money, since you spent a good amount of time during your inspections on the message board not acting like a fool.


[FONT=Verdana]Especially Bucknovich, Vinnie and the rest of the peanut gallery (Non-NACHI Inspectors)! You guys aren’t that stupid are you?:wink:

I’m with HG and I’m glad to pay the tad bit of extra money to be a platinum member. If I’m using the services and paying for max benefits than I should be listed above previous non-HG users.

All platinum paying members probably feel this way. Why wouldn’t we? We continue to provide more support to HG and in return they continue to try an provide more support to us. I don’t feel it’s fair to be listed on the HG search results next to someone who will never have anything to do with HG again.

HG services are $300/year. That’s ONE inspection to cover all computer orientated services for the whole year. That’s nothing! They have big expenses just like the rest of us.

HG’s website directory doesn’t hold much rank to begin with. It currently does nothing for me but maybe one day that will change.

I can easily see Russell being pulled between paying members and past non-existent users. Now, being completely honest, who would you choose?

You gotta support those who support you. That’s business.

Is Mario still alive??

See him daily on FB, early mornings and evenings. :wink: