I couldn't wait

Let me be the first to post in the Canadian section.
I will now wait with baited breath for the fun to start. :wink:

Minnows, night crawlers or corn?

Poppers, for large mouth.

Awwww Larry,

Surely, you must realize that your ‘first’ post is for the year 2005. Now you will have to stay up and lose another night’s sleep so you can be the FIRST in 2006!

If you are waiting with baited breath, who’s fishing for the real thing? (couldn’t resist). Better get that ice pick out, be sure the hut is sturdy for shelter and warm ‘cause the white stuff is a blowin’. By the way, you’ll need some auxillary power for your laptop, back-up generator, plus plus…!

Don’t get hooked. We’ll be looking for you next year!

HappyNew Year

Just your usual twelve cents eh Larry? Happy New Year to you and your family.



Hey it works. I started this reply on Monday :smiley: