I counted 131 in Dominic's class at the InterNACHI FL Conference today.

Go Dom!

I think we had over 200 in Vegas for his class.

That was an awesome class today. Michelle put on an awesome conference! Here’s a picture one of the guys sent me that he took today!

2011-10-28 09.19.34 (1).jpg

I’m switching to Dominic’s software!!

You won’t regret it!!!

Also, make sure you get on the MB if you haven’t already.

It was good meeting you in person Jerry! Jeffrey is right, you won’t regret making the change.

I am looking for a good web host.
Anyone know where I can get something with good support.
My present Host is never at home anymore.
I think he became some kind of Rock Star:)

I’ll second that.:):smiley:

LOL. My album is coming out soon on iTunes! There’s only one leg of my tour left and then ill be around at 3am for you again :wink:

A rock star with an IPhone. Need I say anymore???:cool::cool:

Well, my wife plays I tunes on her IPOD, I’ll tell her to keep her eyes open for Dominic’s album. :mrgreen::wink:

My 4G service has sucked since that crappy small screen,power sucking iphone started to be sold at Sprint.

You sound upset Bob. It may be time to make the switch.:wink:

Just don’t switch to the iPhone 4S on Sprint as the speed right now is HORRIBLE. It’ll take a few weeks for them to work on the kinks so that all the new Sprint iPhone users don’t take down their system.

My wife’s 4S is lightning fast on ATT’s network, smokin’ fast!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

AT&T had the same problem for over a year once they added the iPhone. The only reason they don’t have it now is that they limited how much bandwidth everyone gets. So far Sprint is still giving unlimited to phones (but is limiting tethering and hotspots).

I am very happy with my EVO and actually have no plans to upgrade after one year is up next week.

See no reason to switch to Apple products.
My offer to race Linus in a contest between Evo and iphone never happened as he was to afraid to show up at the meeting.

Sorry I missed the big “race” at the meeting. We conducted a race against four Evo (former) owners who were all trading up to IPhones and we won every time. I must admit, my wife’s fingers are smaller and she can input data faster than me. That Evo is a POS copycat, nothing more. Time to trade-up Bob.:wink:
By the way, my Android POS stupidphone is going in the trash as soon as I can trade up. That was the worse advise you ever provided Bob.:frowning:


I just inspected a home for a client. The seller is moving to Chicago. I have them your name. Hope they contact you.

Make sure they mention you.

I was slow last week and certainly appreciate any extra work in November.
Got lucky and booked three on Sunday :slight_smile:

Just tell them to Google for Condo Bob if they can’t remember a website.lol
It seems to have gotten around.