I deleted over 100 members today.


Staff has been calling every NACHI member we haven’t heard from this year to make sure members are manning their phones, that their contact information is correct, and that they are still in business. Over 100 members were discovered to have either died, retired, or sold their businesses. I deleted them this morning.

What if they were just in the bathroom?:shock: :shock: :shock:

Hi Jackie,

Great work, nothing turns off the consumer faster then dead links & disconnected phones. I regularly run my Zip Code through InspectorSeek and send the dead links to Nick with very little success. In the Future can I send them to you for investigation?

That would be under “died” …I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Over 100 members were discovered to have either died, retired, or sold their businesses. I deleted them this morning.”


Mr. Burkeson,

Please send the deadwood to me at jackie.young@nachi.org and I’ll give them all a call and investigate. The system Nick setup tracks every contact every NACHI member makes with us. Members that don’t post on this message board, renew their membership, order something from NACHI or edit their member profile in 14 or more months get forwarded to me. I then call that member, just as a consumer would and checkup on him. If after a few tries I fail to reach the member by phone or email, I delete that member. Deleting the member removes him from all NACHI owned websites at once. Keeping our membership database clean helps consumers reach members who are willing to perform inspection services without weeding through deadwood.

Great news I like it .
For those inspectors who where going to renew and have been putting it of Now is the time to renew before you are history.
Roy Cooke sr. R.H.I…Royshomeinspection.com

Roy sr

Jackie, I probably missed something in the shuffle somewhere along the line…forgive me for not knowing the answer, but:

What is your position with the NACHI staff? Are you the sorely needed tech help? (please say yes!)


You have email.

I’m on it, Burkeson.

Michalski: If tech help is what you need then that’s what I’m here for. I do it all. Here’s me running the NACHI booth at the ITA Convention in Miami, FL.

Please excuse the last name usage, Josephs. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jackie;
Operation Deadwood was instituted last year, glad to see it’s being acted upon even further!

I’m also working on a current database of NACHI Chapters. Im trying to follow their progress, track how active they are in events, locations events are being held, etc. This is going to be helpful for speakers and instructors: to get in touch with presidents, or see where past events were held. To see what we need more of in an area and what we need less of.

And I’m sure it will be nice for members and future members to have an updated list of active chapters in their area.

But, after Joseph Burkeson’s e-mail I feel I’ll be busy for the next month!

Good to hear!! Many members have offered up good ideas that require some tech help, and unfortunately, the answer is usually that Chris has much too much on his plate.

I will try to compile and forward some to you (not to put too much on your plate!)

Do you carry an official title or is “Do It All” the title?:smiley:

Jackie, please take a look at the Known Bugs section in the BB. There’s a lot of issues there that no one ever looks at.

Im working on the title right now, just trying to get a grasp for what I’m in for first. And already it sounds like a lot.

Joe, I’ll check it out, probably most of those questions are going to be for Chris, but I’ll help wherever I can.

Chris? I thought perhaps he was one of the dead guys.

Chris, as NACHI’s IT Director, oversees 624 million webpages, 4,500 websites, chapter sites, members sites, online continuing education, online quizzes, online exams, a bazillion different online apps, several major inspector search engines, 40 servers, all the member profile databases, the 175,000 page 106 million hit/yr nachi.org, and a 250,000 post message board… and it all runs fairly flawlessly.

Have you checked the Bugs section lately to see when he last replied to a message there? (Some messages posted to the Bugs section never see the light of day because they only get posted there once reviewed.) Using the Search feature, I can’t see that he’s responded to a question or problem since January 11, 2006. He has never replied to any of my emails either. That’s why I assumed he died.

Worse yet, a dead inspector!


If you look at www.nachi.org/contact.htm , a link on the home page of NACHI.org in the top left corner, emails directly to Chris are not recommended. Furthermore Chris generally does not announce when he repairs a bug. Posts on the message board are probably not read by the staffer that can help either. It is always best that you email problems to fastreply@nachi.org as we have a tracking system there. Hence the instructions in www.nachi.org/contact.htm

Yesterday morning Will Decker emailed fastreply@nachi.org with a tech problem on this message board. Chris had it fixed by that evening.