I did it again

Basically stated the contractor had no idea what he or they were doing. Two story home 4500 SQ footer one 4 ton ground source heat pump located in the first level equipment room. The first level had no return air except one inch beneath the equipment room door. The grill on the wall is open to the front entry vestibule which is attempting to return the air from the upstairs where all the bedrooms, kitchen and living area is located. This was a 4 zone system and is FUBAR

Why are you so mean ? lolol

That is what happens when ya get old and cranky;-)

LOL And here i thought it was just being me . Now i can blame it on old age.

Charley, why are you holding back on your true feelings?!

Got ‘cabbage’? :wink:

Charlie, aren’t you just being a picky alarmist home inspector??? :slight_smile:

I would love to shadow you on an inspection some day, Charley.

Are ya afraid of heights:p;-)


Yipper that is me had a early morning vacant what a mess foundation problems excessive cracks. Structural problems in the attic, Leaking faucets in the wall for a shower stall and a gas furnace cycling on a safety and a whole list of little stuff. Thats me I’m picky what about you George ya gona be picky also:p:D

Nope, I could do cartwheels up on those roofs…well…if I could do cartwheels that is.:wink:

This is why Charley climbs ALL roof surfaces. So he can stand up on the top and yell at all the neighborhood kids, “Git offa my lawn”…:wink:

Which kind of kids are we talking about we have two legged and 4 legged:p:D

could these be the ones

The older I get the pickier I isa gittin… The more we know the more we see. Walkin those heights is the easy part… It’s the falling that can be the issue…:slight_smile:

Falling isn’t the issue either. It’s the rapid deceleration upon impact that is a pisser! :neutral:

Lol… Yeah I guess ultimately it’s the impact that makes an impact