I did it!!

! Mark Jones solves nation’s healthcare crisis !

I had a time today to solve the health care crisis.

This is how it works. According to USA. Today there are 72,000,000 democrats. If each one pays an extra 500.00 per year into a healthcare fund that would = 36,000,000,000 per year. Send me the cash I will pay the bills.

You are welcome :smiley:

I have an inspection in the morning but I may have time in the afternoon for the financial crisis.

What happened to spell check

Illegal aliens need not apply.

I am not a Socialist but I will help with contributions if needed!:slight_smile:

I’ll be installing a larger mailbox soon. Before all the checks start arriving.

My check is in the mail Mark. :mrgreen:

Is $36 billion enough to cover everyone, or is this only for those “unfortunate ones” who don’t pay the hundreds a month into the current broken system like we do?