I do not see these too often

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12222 Nth Paradise Village Pkwy unit 338 4-8-11 015.JPG

12222 Nth Paradise Village Pkwy unit 338 4-8-11 014.JPG

That wouldn’t heat an out house up here. :wink:

Work great in Canada.

Well, technically you are south of Mike and myself. :wink:

Good for you , Many do not know over 33% of USA not counting Alaska is further North then the southern part of Canada … Roy

Amazing, isn’t it?

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]I live about 1 mile from Lake Ontario it never freezes so it is milder in the winter and cooler in the summer . We have Flowers in our garden and I will have to cut my grass soon.
Some Birds are sitting on eggs .I have a friend who lives just south of Watertown NY and when I told him we had little snow He laughed and said you are teasing me you live in Canada . he had over ten feet and we had about 4 inches ,
He came up to go Ice fishing and was surprised big time.

So what is that ,a big toaster or a backwards air conditioner?.

It would definitely heat your house without any trouble at all.

That’s only because I supply a fair amount of hot air myself. :wink:

Hey Mike, I don’t think you got it. Brian was referring to you being full of s h i t.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good morning Linus.

Try to think happy thoughts today.:smiley:

So what is on the other end of those flex lines with the brass fittings 100 hp boiler, heat pump, conventional water heater inquiring minds want to know;-):wink:

My guess would be a conventional tank-type water heater. That’s all I’ve ever seen in our “southern” climate…

Ginormus Condo Complex Charley, I never did locate the Central Plant to know for sure how the Hot Water/ Chilled Water was made. :smiley: