I donated my Porch.com stock to MICB.

I wonder how much stock that is, exactly. Seems to me odd that the document makes no mention of that, but what do I know?

Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question.

So, basically, give it away, before it is taken away. Got it.

Recent events becoming clearer. :frowning:

Should we donate our memberships to ISN to MICB?

The Master Inspector Certification Board is now an owner/stockholder in Porch.com

What does this mean for InterNACHI members?

And therefore no longer an impartial Board but a vendor. How inappropriate.

Very ugly… I hate the thought of having to re-brand.:frowning:

Wouldn’t the reason be that one could not deduct a donation is they have no actual cash basis in something they are donating? If Jeffrey Jonas gave me 25% of the shares of his company because he thought I had a lot to offer (let’s stay focused here lol) but then I gave those shares to the MICB I would not be able to claim that either…( this was very simplified)

Bingo !!! yet another negative association (partnership) to Tarnish CMI’s.


It’s not a partnership.

Nope. Donations are only deductible if they are made to charities (501©3s). You can’t deduct a donation to a 501©6. Non one can, regardless of the value.

aren’t there only 2 members of the CMIB, Nick and John M?

Seems to be another One of your “strategic partnerships” another one that is potentially damaging to all cmi (and maybe even all nachi) inspectors.


So, let’s say the Porch stock increases in value, and starts to pay dividends.

What would The Master Inspector Certification Board do with that money?

Finance another awesome “CMI Member Benefit”… CMI Koozies!!

If it smells like a rat…

MICB could use the money as it doesn’t charge annual dues, never has. And it has no paid employees, and never did. It’s run without a budget by volunteers.

I close to buying portions of other industry vendors (we all know and love) and donate those ownership positions to MICB as well. The more our industry owns of our own industry, the better.