I don't get it..

House was 2 years old. How do these things pass??

How high is it? It may be that the AHJ thought it only needed to 8 feet off of the floor instead of the top of the tub.

6 ft from the top of the tub. I measured… :smiley:

After the fact…

Honey, I like this light fixture better…could you put it up for me?

No, the seller was there and I asked. He said thats the way it came.

A free lunch to the inspector is how it happens

You think he would have the guts to say he installed it, if he did.

Funny you see these things on home shows all of the time on TV. What’s the rule in Canada? This is a Candice Olsen favorite.

They sign the permits from the truck

Is that a big issue really?
Just shorten the chain.:slight_smile:

Helps you get out of the tub :wink:

Is the ceiling high enough to get 8’ from the top of the tub to the bottom of the fixture?

We allow here to thin out the herd

It happens because of ignorance…thats all. The inspectors in many municipals are combination inspectors and so they have enough knowledge to pass an ICC exam but thats all. Inspectors with a specialty in the electrical portion tend to know more about the NEC® than lets say someone who does have the combination certification but not the electrical qualifications. Happens all the time with combination inspectors…and I am one…lol…and my guys ask me plumbing and building and mechanical questions all the time…but guess which specialty I am…:wink: