I don't remember.

Please excuse the length of the post, I really don’t remember.

There is nothing new in the title of the thread and maybe it should have been another title, maybe something more befitting how I feel.
I have not reached out much as of late, & the last time I took notice the count was 20 some-odd friend plus about 15 more that chimed during the Quebec’s secretive provincial licensing issue I openly protested about and it was 36. I think 36 was the total.
I just looked and the count is now 49 association friends.
I am sorry I don’t remember you all but will make an effort to reach out like I use to, thank you for reaching out.
Easy in the peanut galley…:twisted: I had enough of being harassed.

I remember when I arrived in 2010, the friends that reached out made a measurable difference, I felt as part of the association, from within. Nick explains it best, man sharpens man like steel sharpening steel.
I did reach out and often and made some positive strides in this grand association and some great friends that are like minded and a few that watch my back:-). Thanks big time.
Thanks all 49 of you because when I feel like leaving INACHI, and for good reason at times, I now have a larger count of 49 plus 2, positive reasons to make me change my mind and stay.
Best regards.


Good morning Robert my friend, and I hope you are feeling well and have a Gret and Safe day.


Thank you to you as well!