I dont understand

OOPs, wrong section.

How a licensed plumber can replace the entire waste system under the crawl space and forget to replace the toilet cast iron pipe with a hole in it.

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1212 Adams St. Hollywood (Schuster) 029.jpg

No purple primer used either, not sure how big a deal this is but required by most AHJ’s.

Yes, but only if it is being inepected.

Holy CRAP!!!

Well, every system has to have a vent - right?:mrgreen:

As a side note to this, I was hired to inspect under this crawl space because the first inspector said in his report that he does not go under crawl spaces 9and neither did his termite company). After I completed this inspection, the client also had me write a 4-point for the insurance company. I told him I would have to list this on the report. Sure enough, the insuance company will not insure him until it gets repaired.

The first report also said that, and I quote: “Exterior Panel has two 100 amp beakers that are combineed to create 200 amp service”. There is a 100 amp breaker in the service panel and a 100 amp panel in distribution panel. The SEC cables are #1 AGW aluminum. Go figure.