I feed 2 services?

Never seen this before, a duplex with 2 100A panels, seperate feeds to each panel fed by a single feed from the pole. They are all spliced together under the eave. Thoughts?

Fairly common in my area, which has many converted SFH’s.

Compliant - 230.40, Ex. 1

Just remember that in that allowance you still need to meet compliance with NEC 230.71 and 230.72. However, that is well beyod what your question was.

Thank you Paul. Yes Both feeds had their own meter, and both panels had their own main disconnect.

Te answer to the next question is …Yes I did just go look that up. Why? Because Im not Paul Abernathy… ( bows)

I believe that is up to the utility. They do not get involved in the NEC

lol…trust me fella…YOU dont want to be me…I have alway had issues…:slight_smile: