I finally found some

After 18 months of IR I finally found termites with it. As I don’t do termite inspections due to the state licensing here in Texas it worked out well that my termite inspector was coming out to the inspection too. I showed him the area and he found the proof. (not sure if they will show on the picture - they are tiny after all - but he found live termites.

Cannot really explain why the IR anomalies struck me as they did, but I knew as soon as I saw them for some reason. Slight elevation in moisture when checked. Crappy differential because of weather this time of year and fact that gas was off so I couldn’t run the heat to help the delta T. Would like to figure out a way to know for sure about this short of having the pest guy come out for occassions when he is not scheduled. Would hate to be recommending him when he wasn’t there and being wrong. Will have to give it more thought.



I would put it my report (evidence of wood destroying insects…) and that same was verified by the termite inspector…

yup - me too

Nice find Kevin.

I also located hidden termite activity with IR, but it was on a nice cold day. The infestation was obvious.

Yes you can find sub-termites in walls. A Dry wood termite is another story. This can take a bit of time to do this. I have a FLIR B2 Camera.
I allso have a small space heater with a fan on it.
If you set the heater about 6 feet aways from the wall area your going to view. set the camera to auto. you will have 2 windows to work with the first one will be as the wall is heating up and then as the wall is cooling down. if you have active sub-termites/tubes on the back side of the sheet rock they will come into view for a brief time as the wall heats up then they will go away as the wall overheats for viewing. then shut off the heater view the wall. the tubes will show for a short time as the wall is cooling down.

This test will provide the inspector with evidence of just how far the termites are working in a wall, Ceiling and Flooring.

See the image attached.

Good stuff.

Ron Bibler

IR_0174 AD.jpg

Ron, besides the termite tube, what are we looking at near the wall/floor?

We have cool at the floor and a hot spot at the baseboard.

My take is that there is moisture at the floor and it was heated with your spaceheater and held heat as the wall cooled?

Was this scan taken on the cool down? I would assume so.

I have not used the space heater technique much.

David you are correct this area has a mold and moisture condition. normal condition with sub-termites. this was on the heating up side of the test. the electrical main was just above this area. slab floor with the conduit behing the sheet rock. inside view of an out side wall… we had a slopping sidewalk condition directing rain water at this area over the years. this area was also a converted garage. the perfect storm. the areas you noted was sheetrock paper. heating up faster then the other areas.

try using a spaceheater some time work great to control the Delta T Of a room.