I Finally Made The Jump

I have lived so far out in the country for so long
that broadband Internet was never an option.

Well, verizon has got within our reach and I made
the jump to wireless broadband.

It is so nice to go anywhere in the U.S. and
have access to the Internet via a notebook
computer and a wireless connection.

I feel like I am coming out of the stone age.


Out of curiosity what do they charge?

I have Verizon Global Phone service and was thinking about adding this also.

But instead of me calling them and pressing 1 for english, and 4 for internet service, and 1 for english again, and then finally pressing 0 because I forgot all the options…Maybe you could tell me?


This is what I have bundled into my OneBill that includes all the other services we have for home and biz.
I’m sure your 'puter is capable but you may want to check it before enrollment. ](*,)

Verizon came out with it first but last I heard Sprints broadband is faster if you have the option .Of course it is all good to have.

I have it and am right in between two towers so it is sometimes on Broadband, and sometimes on nation access ( about like dial up). In town it works great, and on the highway even while moving. It is a little more sensitve than your cell phone connection. I believe their speeds will eventually get faster than anyone else’s . Over all its pretty nice, but I had to keep a wireless connection at the house due to being between the two towers.


Verizon broadband is $59.99 p/mth if you already have their cell phone
service. The internet is nice to have on the road. :mrgreen:

I am starting to get calls pretty far away for my thermal imaging service,
so this allows me to go to their location (and take the family)… and
upload the report from anywhere we go, while at a hotel having fun.

The wife and kids like going with me and spending the night at a
hotel, just for the fun of it sometimes.


Stop it would you plz…!!!..:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Me and the family love the continental breakfast (frosted flakes
and day old donuts) they serve with the $100 a night rooms.

Life if good on the road…:roll: