I found a better markting tool than NACHI's

I was doing an inspection today, the Realtor showed up to show her face than said she had to leave for an important meeting. I have never worked with her before so I gave my cards and brochure’s. Within a couple minutes she was back she had a flat tire and was in a panic because she could not be late. Being the gentleman that I am I changed her tire for her. She was very grateful and promised that she use me for all her home inspections,:mrgreen:

I gotta bridge for sale… cheap

I want to know the best way to flaten the tire.

Here’s one up on that one…

While doing an inspection, my clients decided to leave and get lunch…just one problem, they left one of their cars blocking the cars in the driveway.

The sellers agent comes in frantic that she has to be at a meeting and cant get out…being the gentleman that I am, and because I was always told to NEVER park in the driveway should a fast retreat be necesitated, I asked if she would like to borrow my truck as I was to be atleast 3 more hours…she was so happy that she even offered to bring back Starbucks!

Well 2 days later after she got my report, she totally bashed me…hmmm, short term memory I guess.

OK, not the ending I would have enjoyed…but it was cool to see her drive around in my Explorer with my company signs on them :slight_smile:

No good deed goes unpunished.

:-):slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :shock:

that was very nice Harvey

Hey Carl;

You’ll definitely get a call back from that agent. If it’s like most agents I know, it’ll be during her next flat tire!

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