I found this home inspection ad running in Florida.

Nick, what’s up with this;

From their Sample Report
Tony Catanzaro & Kal Patel ASHI 212584

Did not see Tony listed as a Member.

Kal Patel

The ad belongs to Bruce Graham, Marcel and not the guys you listed. Bruce has radon license R2279 and Bruce is a member of InterNachi

So why does the Sample report show otherwise?

Who is Florida HI license #HI10 assigned to?

So why are they getting Free Internet advertising with this thread?

FL HI 10 is Bruce Graham. Bruce also has Bungalows to mansions and other business names, I think. The license numbers belong to Bruce though. It looks like Bruce belongs to Nachi and ASHI.

I don’t know about the report, Marcel.

That’s all I know. I don’t understand the thread but if Marcel is getting a report by someone other than Bruce, someone should alert Bruce so he can figure it out.

I just looked at the rpt and makes me wonder if Bruce has franchised the name 1st Inspection Services??

Cell # from Gainesville, Florida.

So why are they getting Free Internet advertising with this thread?

Selling as a Franchise;



I found this awesome one.

Mike that is the wrong link. I got some guy selling wind mitigations for $40 and $73 on that site. General Contractor and within 30 minutes of his house, so that is an hour driving time, GC and HI insurance, time to do the inspection, equipment to do the inspection, wear and tear on the vehicle and equipment.

Seriously? That has to add up to what $15 an hour in your pocket? If thats what GC’s get paid, I am sure as hell happy to be a Home Inspector!


you are right that sure is one great deal for the consumer when you break it down like that.
Maybe I will raise my prices.

Don’t do it…it is an AWESOME deal for your customers. I think you should be given a humanitarian award or something. I think to show your real love and patriotism you should do them all for $10! Now thats some serious love to your customers!


Maybe next year.

Now that is an idea, Meeker industries does wind mits for $10! He will do a google earth inspection for $5, it is a home inspection alternative! $2.50 for one lucky customer everyday. “Now that is what I call marketing!”


Come on…I mean you want to do your clients right, correct? Come on $10 each. Think of how many people will line up for this! You will get 100’s of calls! Your name will be on everyone lips…then when it just seems to get no better…BOOM…raise it to $11…then think of all the loot coming in!