I found this home inspection ad running in Florida.


Not to worry Russell. As soon as Google get’s wind of his “gimmick”, they will ban** Meeker Industries** from it’s** G+** program and all **search results **for breaking the Terms of Use Agreement.

Not sure if that is not proper or not. It does not seem like anyone does it and I give the price anyway.

If it is improper I would like to know as I try to play by the rules.

I always hear of promotions where you must like things and such but I do not know for sure.

So what was your impression upon finding this?:slight_smile:

It’s big mess IMHO. Logos all over the place. The PIC sells nothing. Terrible color scheme. Numerous fonts. Weak premise. No compelling headline. No list of benefits. No sense of urgency. Dumb layout. No call to action.

Looks like Dr. Frankenstein created this ad.