I got my E60bx yesterday!

Well I got my camera yesterday and I can honestly say that tequipment.net is great! Not only did they match my best price I could find but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the camera and found the NIST certification! I was not expecting that considering the price I got. I am very happy with my purchase. The shipping was fast and they communicated with me several times about my purchase. I am just starting to fool around with the camera and so far I like it. As luck has it I just hung up with a client that has some moisture issues in his home and wants me to come out and try to pinpoint the cause. As soon as I explained a little bit about thermal he hired me. Of course I set his expectation level by explaining that I can only see temp differences and can not see through walls. We both agreed to schedule around the leak. Hopefully this is the begining of a whole new avenue of revenue for my business and helps me stand out among the crowd.

good for you. I was thinking of giving thermal “portraits” to people at marketing events. Send them the portrait after the event via email.

Way to go Manny. Happy for you!

Thanks Paul! Been going through some of the features and some are pretty cool! It will definitely take some time and experience (And more training!)

Enjoy and good luck.

Should be a real workhorse. Suitable for a lot of commercial applications in addition to residential.

Awesome Manny. :smiley: Let us know how you like it.