I got my General Contractor's license today. Thanks InterNACHI!

I got my General Contractor’s license today. It is good for 3 years. I had to pass the ICC exam and this is how I was able to pass:

InterNACHI’s free, online, Residential Code Exam Prep Tool.

Thanks InterNACHI!


So are you going to open a Mike Holmes HI Franchise now???

Yep, already ordered a 20lb. sledge hammer. I think that is about all I need in the way of tools.

Bib overalls also. I think that about wraps it up.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Duct tape.

Don’t forget the universal cutting tool, a Sawzall with blade assortment.

and a yardstick

Great deal … Here in Kansas we have to renew annually.

We? Do you do repairs, Dan?

Gary -

OLD guy’s NEW motto.

In this economy, I DO anything you want that PAYS $$$$.

Do not forget the general contractors’ favorite tool is a caulking gun.
Aw, it will be okay, just caulk it.](*,)