I got this letter from ASHI's President, Brion Grant today. The deal is done!!!

LOL! ROFL! :|.):lol:

Hi Carla!:stuck_out_tongue:

At our first “co chair” meeting we could stand Back to Back and we could let you “count off the paces”!:wink:

I guess our first decision would be …“Who fires first” \:D/ :mwa-hah: \:D/

InterASHI, sheesh
…how about UpyerASHI :wink:

Howbout ASHINACHI ? I like Stevens…

That seals the deal - Happy April Fools! :mrgreen:

But Nick the web site has already been changed. Its at www.InterASHI.com They even have CMI listed on the site.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Great joke!!! Someone has a great imagination (and to much time on their hands!!!))) All in good fun.


Wait it out, you can buy ASHI’s assets at the trustee sale!

Nice Prank Nick

Nice prank :roll: :roll:
Since when is it ethical, or for that matter legal] to sign or paste another persons signature on any kind of document ? :roll:


Everytime my wife puts my name at the bottom right of a check

It is not the doing but what you do with the document

And like someone just said why are we playing these games with you??

Nothing good on TV



Ahh the price of getting married, give up 1/2 of what you own, and the right to have a say in anything that requires a signature.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Yep, thats the reply, and defence I expect from someone that believes, and promotes lies from a dictator.
If a person will use it here for lieing about others for personnal gain, whats to say he would not use it anywhere else.

Yea I am aware that many get POed and spin when a lie by your leader is exposed …

Yep… The race is just starting…

Yep… The race is just starting

Cool!! ah Joke

Dan’s heart hit the floor when he read it.

Not at all :twisted:
After seeing the professionalism and commitment to our profession, and the home buying public by ASHI elected leadership for the past 7 years, then the 1,000s of lies and bashing by gromicko of other HI orgs, and HI I knew this was just another lie.

Did kinda chuckle when I thought… what are all the newbys, in unlicensed states, and Canada] that think they know it all due to passing nachos on-line non-proctored quiz, going to do if they have to prove their knowledge prior to being marketed to the public as a “certified home inspector”


Not all of us are as stupid nor inexperienced as you imply. I would guess that many, as I, come from the construction industry, and probably have more hands on, nuts and bolts, experience of construction than you. Experience IS the best teacher!!!

I took the over expensive “national” test (before I knew any better) and passed it the first time with flying colors. Was a piece of cake!!! And a waste of time and money, as I found out, after the fact, that the states I was looking at, do not recognize that test.

Don’t know what your problem is, slamming the newbies, but get over it, or is it your fear of a little competition? After all, at least the newbie is up to date {if he/she has taken any HI courses}, on the industry standards.

The success/failure of any home inspector is based on keeping up with the changes that occur within the industry, and that is where the CE classes, and this BB is of considerable help.

I fear, (as should your customers), that you are in fact the “know it all”!!!
Get off your high horse and contribute something positive to this BB, would be a refreshing change!!


I agree and had a similar experiene but in WI we have to take the NHIE for state lic/registration.

If the state required it, then I would have no problem. HOWEVER, I do have a problem with their “marketing” of this!!
The first word in their name “national” implies that it is an accepted test nationally, thus would infer in all states.
It was not until after the fact that I discovered this was not the case, and called them on it. They NHIE, did admit that they were not recognized in that state, but were “working on it”.

So, to those of you out there that are new to all of this, check with your state as to the acceptance of this test. About the only good thing that I did get out of this was a good study guide.