I got this today

I got this today ;-}

Hi Mark -

We wanted to thank you for our recent home inspection. The process of buying a home can be stressful on many levels but our experience with your service was quite the opposite. The passion and knowledge that you presented while inspecting our new home made us feel comfortable and at ease. You explained to us not only issues that would be on the inspection report but some really helpful tips on mechanicals of the home that we were unfamiliar with from our previous home. The report itself was so easy to comprehend and reference. We could easily flip from the summary to the photo. We not only feel that we received a great service but also a new friend.

Thanks so much!
Charles and Heidi Cassinelli
Laurelville Ohio 43135

So…did they like it???

Good job, Mark. (Apparently)

Nice job Mark. Make sure that goes up on your testimonial page, including the city you did the inspection in (for SEO).

Dom, Thanks for the tip on the city info for the seo

Hey Dom,
I just googled home inspection 43135, and this post came up on the first page. Not bad, and it worked like you said it would… Thanks

Very nice note Mark, good job!

Good stuff…:wink:

Great job Mark we should all be asking ourselfs why we don’t have a book full of

I do, but I have not been posting them like I need to. But from time to time when you do get them, it give you that at a boy feeling for a job well done.

Nice job Mark. I never thought about posting the ones I get. What was Dom talking about concerning posting it with the City and Zip code? Anything for more SEO.

Every time you mention a city name on your site you’re helping to boost your SEO for that phrase. Zip codes aren’t as important for straight organic searches as they are rarely used by it’s possible Google Maps is using them now, hard to tell for sure yet.