I got us an "Infrared Certified" professional designation and logo. Help!!!

I’m working on creating a professional designation and logo for infrared inspectors.

Take a look at this: www.nachi.org/ir.htm

Help me with suggestions for improvement.

The logo looks nice, but professional training should be a mandatory pre-requisite IMO. Many untrained thermal inspectors have a problem differentiating cold spots from moisture.

#4 of the application.


Maybe add “Thermal Imaging” some how also, I don’t think many people know what Infrared is…but then again most people don’t know what Thermal Imaging is either I guess.

But the Logo does looks nice.

My teacher at FLIR told me about 5% of Camera’s sold take training.
I understand even Professional trained users can some times not tell the difference .
The Camera is just one more thing to help a good Home Inspector give an educated opinion.


I would suggest that you change the wording on #4.

Someone must posse a certification for BS or level one training from a approved educational provider.

Isn’t “Level One” a private company designation?

There are several educators that provide level one training with a certification.

How many days does it take to earn?

I don’t want to close the door on other types of IR training (and education providers) since Level One seems to have the reputation of including stuff that many inspectors don’t find useful.

John is the first to fax in his app.

LOGO ON HIS SITE LOOKS AWESOME!!! http://texas-inspection.com/

That is why I suggested level one or building science.

That way each inspector can take whatever course they feel is beneficial for them.

OK. I happen to know of several other IR courses being developed that are geared directly to home inspectors, but they are not called Level 1.

I want to keep the door open for them via the “16 hour” wording.

Then wouldn’t it work to name each one specifically. That way the new ones can be added when they are available.

Greg’s advise is good… it will help preserve some kind of creditability
Level 1 and the BS course both take about 3.5 days and include testing.

Just trying to put the horse in front of the cart on this one.

So far, FLIR and ITC seem to set the standard in the IR industry.
Both level 1 and BS take 3.5 days and testing before they will
certify you as a THERMOGRAPHER.

The inspection industry wants a 2 day course and if FLIR doesn’t come up with one right quick… I know someone else who will.

I agree…taking 3 or 3.5 days of classes cost thousands in lost revenue…:shock:

For practical purposes… I can see that a good two day course would get someone started and they could learn more as they go.