I got us an "Infrared Certified" professional designation and logo. Help!!!

Solid the outside C red or we’re all


not that having fun is wrong :mrgreen:

I hope this is not going to freak out any of those liberal coalitions or Crayola for that matter.


didn’t seem to affect you :mrgreen: 2 much!


IMHO, I absolutely do not like the LOGO. It’s too plain and needs definite improvement.

As for the courses and certifications, FLIR offers Building Science certification in 3.5 days. Then after successfully passing their proctored test on day 4, you then need to submit a fee-paid IR inspection report to FLIR within 6 months. You then become a certified BS Thermographer and receive your license by mail. They took every one’s picture during the course.

Level one (which I will be participating in on January 14th to Jan 18th) is obviously a five day long course (8AM-5PM). You must then pass their proctored test on the fifth day and submit an IR report to FLIR within 6 months.


Cut and paste the outer C from this or a real thermal image

I think the color scheme should be revised to colors like this…


Not to mention the cost of the courses:shock:

Yes it does!! Nice job John!!!


Add another reason to my long list of why I love NACHI!

10-4 Mario…:smiley:

A great two day course to get you going, than take the others during a slow time in business (when ever that might be-:shock:)

I have a hard enough time taking a vacation, let alone sitting in school for a week spending thousands, losing thousands, and spending thousands on a cam…it would probably end up costing me 25 grand for $5,700.00 cam…:shock:

So I think I would definitely take a two day course, and work my way up the ladder without charging for the IR service until I received all the schooling, even if it took a year or so…!

Good morning Dale

We have one life to live my friend take your vacations after all money isn’t everything!! :stuck_out_tongue: Did I mention that I’m gone in 3 days? :smiley: I know that you are in Vegas on the first and it’s looking good for me to be there then!

The Level 1 course would be my first choice,it offers the novice a little of everything! My second course will definitely be the BS course.

BTW Congratulations on taking the plunge, your new nickname is…Infrared Dale!!!:cool:


I like IRDuffy, better :wink:

I’ll have to ponder up one for you MK


IR Duffy works!!

My trip to Vegas is not quite a vacation…I’m meeting with the head honchos from Marcus & Millichap

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Having enough fun with your IR gear, Barry?

Did you get her permission to post that picture?

No one I know taken of the net. I just think a TRUE irregular IR color spectrum would look better for Nick’s logo idea. jm2c

Can someone elaborate on this, I have see reference to this several times but do not know where it came from.

Come on, Barrie. You don’t have to be secretive with the buddies you have here!! LOL

You’ve got to be sh***n me. 5 days in a classroom? To learn about my IR camera? Not me. Never.

I’ve used a Flir for two years. I didn’t take any classes. I use the IR camera in all my inspections. It’s very easy to use. It is little challenging to make smart deductions from the pictures, but that simply comes from experience. After about 30 home inspections, I felt very confident about where to shoot my IR, and confident about what to say about the IR pictures.

I used the camera for three reasons: 1) Marketing (I’m the hi-tech inspector guy with an expensive camera) 2) Confirm my five-senses observations 3) Keep pushing my profession forward with new technology.

I would invest time and money in a one or two day class about IR cameras - in relation to performing inspections and operating a business. I can’t imagine myself needing a class that lasts 5 days for that. 5 days!

Now if I had a school that wanted to make as much profit as possible, I’d develop a curriculum with a lot of basic crap in it, stretch two days into five, convince inspectors that they need to learn everything I tell 'em, and charge a ton of money.

But as an owner of an inspection company, I need a class that will teach me a maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of time - advanced inspection techniques with an ir camera and advanced business skills to incorporate the use of ir technology with the goal of making more money.

Now, that’s a class that I’d take! (But for no more than 2 days.)


From a visual and aesthetic appeal standpoint I would remove the color breaks and replace it with an actual IR color variances or evan a rainbow color gradation.

Try a circle with cross hairs dividing the circle “suggesting a camera” into quadrants then adding the “c” at the center for “certified” inside.

I’m also thinking its looking a lot like the “copyright C” - just my opinion.

I think you guys are on the right path though!

Steve Blayney