I grew up in a different world ...

So … the wife and I decide to go see the new movie World Trade Center [wait for the DVD] … 4 o’clock showing. There are literally a handful of people in the theater.

Then after the movie starts - a full fifteen to twenty minutes after coming attractions have started, mind you - a pack of morons - two chronological adults and six or seven kids - comes in talking and making all kinds of noise and then settles into our row - still talking. Well, my Irish is up past my eyeballs and my wife of nearly 26 years, having seen displays of my temper way too many times before, says to me 'Don’t say anything." Too late.

“Yo!!! Shut the **** up. We’re trying to watch a movie, here!”

Another patron had summoned someone from management who came in and told these nitwits that they would have to leave if they didn’t know how to behave in a movie theater.

How did we get here? Teachers unions? This country’s doomed.

I blame the Russians…

…or aliens from outer space…

Gee, I hope you didn’t hurt anybodies feelings,Joe. :roll:

I can’t believe how many people will anwser their cell phone at the movie. Makes ya want to dump your ice cold coke on there —king little heads.:twisted:

Can I come and work with you? You must be making some very good money to beable to dump your coke on him. The last time I went to the movies, it cost me $6.00 for a large coke. :roll:

I don’t go anymore because of this stuff. Kids do nothing but talk and yell and whatever and nobody does anything.

And the cost of things? INSANE!!!

Well…honestly…ALL of the ABOVE…

1.) Kids don’t respect their elders today because parents are “Hand Cuffed” when it comes to controlling them today. They are too busy wanting to be their FRIEND than being FIRM with them.

2.) Spare the ROD…spoil the CHILD…need I say more…

It is really a sad state of affairs…one reason I put my son in a private school with VALUES…he is 8 years old…says Yes Sir and well has respect…

At some point you simply HAVE to blame the parents…either for NOT being emotionally involved or simply not caring enough to see when a problem is at hand…now our teachers have a hard enough time dealing with it on their own in their classrooms…so I dont blame them…I would NOT want their job which is why I like teaching ADULTS…

My wife and I go to the matinee… No way I’m paying full price! We bring a couple of small snacks in her purse, and…we get there a few minutes early to make sure we get seats at the very back wall, so no morons sit behind me and kick my seat during the movie.

We do that also …we usually do buy the over priced popcorn because my BELLY says " Make it SO # 1"…but yeah we like the matinee as well.

I like the drive-ins (the few that are left!)

Bring your own popcorn and beverages.

Back the SUV up, put down the seats, lay a couple of blankets down, tune your stereo in, and voila… the comforts of home in an outside atmosphere.

All for 9 bucks a car load!

And if some idiots start causing problems… you sneak up behind them and remove the valve core from every stem on every tire of their car!!!:twisted:

Seriously brings back some childhood memories.

With about 60% of the population carrying around here, nobody **cks with anyone.

There aren’t any left here. :frowning:

Good memories, though. On my second date with my wife, we went to see Young Frankenstein at the drive in.
Well, we didn’t actually “see” the movie. :slight_smile:

Way to go Joe!!

You know guys ,when I saw the first post,It took me back to when my family (all 8 of us) would load up in the '63 Impala station wagon and go to the drive-inn.It never was about the movie.It was all about being there as a family.I remember my mom would pop popcorn till she was blue in the face right before we went.Then she would put it in a paper grocery bag.I can still see the wet spots on the outside of the bag from the butter she would put on it.I can still smell the mosquito repellant coils burning(remember those.)You would light them and they would emit this smoke that was supposed to drive mosquitoes away.Anyway,my point is that drive inn movies brought families together,and now all we have is a/c theaters.If you have to get up,it seems that everyone on your row has to do the wave to let you out.And that was the cool thing about drive inns.I know that I personally was responsible for wearing out one swing up front near the screen at my home town.Hey does anyone remember drinking a hot Dr. Pepper from the concession stand?