I guess it is time...critique my website!

So I have finally put on my big boy pants and will now ask for other inspectors to critique my website.



Your Safe House Guarantee link does not work on home page

Worked for me. Did you actually follow directions?

Personally, I would never hire him, due to his subliminal messaging to vote for Hillary!

Pretty boring site.

You have one picture, and it’s a generic picture of a house.

Under qualifications: “Over a decade in the professional remodeling/renovation industry” should be closer to the top, if not #1. People want to know you’re experienced with homes. Where you got your training and which organization you belong to really doesn’t impress the average home buyer.

The sentences on the home page:"
By allowing me to provide you with an excellent home inspection, I will help to remove some of the anxiety.
“Since you are looking for a home inspector, you have probably found a property you like.” are really awkward IMHO.

“Let me help make sure that you love the property you found.”

Sounds more like a realtor than a home inspector

Thanks for the input.

As for the subliminal messages…about as far from the truth as possible…:slight_smile:

I know that it is a boring site, I figured with how easy it is to overload with buttons, logos, videos, etc. that I would start off minimal and add as I go. I don’t think that a website is ever a static item. I agree that I do need to get the pictures count up a bit, and I did change the item in the qualifications area as well.


I’m talking about this that is blue like a clickable link

It’s not blue on my screen… simply underlined.

  1. You don’t “inspect” for radon. You test for it.

  2. On the “Safe House Guarantee”, change your frame size to get rid of the scroll bar.

Your homepage doesn’t offer me any compelling reason to call you or even to click on your site for more information. It’s not un-selling you, but not going to produce any results for you either.

On the SEO side, you are missing NAP.

You’re right. It looked blue on my phone. O)

Needs work, have a fun weekend. :wink:

Thanks for all the input so far. I will get after a bunch of the changes tomorrow evening. The advice and critique is much appreciated.

That’s why you’ll succeed. Right attitude. We’ve had members here who ask us for our opinions and then get snarky when we try to help.

Yeah, the Hillary comment was a bit upsetting, but I realize there is always one in every bunch!

Just kidding!

Advice that is thoughtful and to the point is always helpful.