I guess the party is over

Seems like it’s been about an hour now. Dinner time?

I think it must be nap time :slight_smile: to much egg nog!!!

Yep, all done. I got word from a friend of a friend of a friend that everything is gone and to rest your computers the rest of the night

:wink: yeah what Bobby said!

Thanks to InterNACHI for the great gifts and the best education in home inspection

Thanks! Nick

I think St. Nick is flying tonite. He was supposed to attend a state meeting in Tallahassee, Fl. today and even with his special sled it will take time for him to land and login again. Just my thinking!

It shows him online now???

Hey, if he’s gone, them NACHI girls should be giving the good stuff away!:|.)

Many thanks to Nick and the folks at planet Nachi. Merry christmas and Happy new year to all.


Looks like going shopping in the afternoon was a bad choice.

Hope there were some good items for the new guys.

YES I won 14 items…holly chet… again THANK YOU Nick and his staff

It is exciting to win stuff you can use.

Sure beats the lousy color sweaters I get every year.

I still remember how more than anything I hated Old Spice and every year the ex would buy it for me.

Guess that explains why she is my ex.

Its been a good day. Thanks Nick and all of InterNachi.

Thanks Nick and All