I had my little man...

Thanks to all for your well wishes as I had my little boy on July 4th. I am also back to work as well and can be reached as needed.:wink:

-Jasper- 7.4.09


Welcome back Lisa and congratulations!!!

congrats my boy is 1 year old time flies

Them’s some fireworks!!! That’s awesome Lisa, he’s adorable.

Beautiful just like his momma :slight_smile: Congrats Lisa.

Congrats Lisa May God bless you and your family.

Congrats Lisa.

Looks just like you.

Lisa, congratulations!!!

Congrats to you and yours… Lisa.

Every time I see a newborn, it lures me into asking my wife if she’s interested in having just one more child. She laughs every time.

Good luck with your boy. He’s a doll.

I hope you’ve got plenty of diapers, if not…be prepared.

Great looking lad! Congrats!:mrgreen::smiley:

AH a upcoming home inspector!

congratulations Lisa…

Not exactly “Independence Day” for you :stuck_out_tongue: but congratulations nonetheless, Lisa. All the best. :smiley:

Congrats Lisa!

Congratulations Lisa!!!


Congrats to you (and to the daddy–he had something to do with it, to ya’know).

Congrats Lisa… Nice job!!! (Just like everything else you do)!!!

Congratulations Lisa!

Hope you are doing well.

Congratulations Lisa! What a doll.:smiley: