I had to deal with two Mike Holmes complaints in one day.

It’s getting ridiculous.

Get this guy off the TV already.

What can we do to help Nick… I am sure I am not the only one here that agrees with you.

Just curious, good or bad… hasn’t his show and others raised awareness?

To be specific, how would his leaving benefit our industry and what type of complaints? Are the different than the others you probably deal with?

I like Mike. As a matter of fact, I’m getting some overalls.

Mike who?

I am guessing purple overhauls?

I like the home renovation show that he did or is still doing.

I absolutely hate the home inspection show.

Keep it under wraps.

Along with your pink panties I presume!:smiley:

Now you’re intrigued

It’s annoying when I get a client who is like a “parrot on my shoulder”. Saying that, I put up with it & take the extra time to be there for them.
However, I usually can tell when they are show watcher due to all the DUMB stuff mentioned having no clue of what is to be expected & limitations of a home inspection.

But after you close, I will be happy to come back and cut as many holes in the walls and ceiling, as big as you like so that we can see what’s happening inside the walls of your house, just like Mike. We can even shoot a video while we do it.

Chuck, I’ve actually said that to a few clients before… The chins drop and the light bulb comes on as they realize it’s a tv show for profit and entertainment and far from reality.


Come on Nick, stop vaguebooking, and tell us what’s going on.

That’s the spirit.:slight_smile: