I had to share this pic

Check out the mast on this one!

I think that is from an overload on the service wire ( Hanging too much laundry on the line)

Was that service still energized?

Yes it was!! The home is currently lived in.

Hope that their fire insurance is up to date. :wink:

I really doubt that these folks can afford any kind of insurance at all. We’re trying to qualify them for a new home.

The mast is straight, the house is crooked. :shock:

The living room, which was like 10 by 12, had a hump in the middle 3 to 4 inches higher than the rest of the floor. The last time I had one of those when we demo’d the house we found a tree stump that the house had settled onto causing the hump.

That’s what happens when you follow “code”… footings on “undisturbed soil”. :shock:

Fat birds…

Truly all kidding aside that mast and service cable are a nightmare about to happen. Hopefully someone gets that fixed before someone gets hurt.:eek:

Wow there’s a prize, When you see things like that you know it’s going to be a long day

Been seeing a few like that, but not that extreme. Something will let go any minute on that one.
Good Pic. :slight_smile:

Good picture. I hate to turn this into a political thing, but I think even the mast is leaning right.

You are correct it is leaning to the right.
That explains why it is not secure.:slight_smile:

But that also means, appropriately, that the bottom moves to the left…:wink:

Nothing a little Mastic won’t fix.

Wow havent loaded my photos for todays reports, but we could make a before and after out of what I inspected today.

A high school aquaintenace (20 years old) of my daughter died in India last year after trying to hang his laundry on a high voltage line from a second story hotel room window. He lived less than 24 hours after contact, but from the description of his injuries, it may have been a blessing.