I hate telemarketer phone calls

I literally was on a call with a telemarketer, when another telemarketer called. Holy crap!

On to business.

Just got through hanging up on a recording that admonished me not to hang up. As if.

If someone running for President said that their first order of business would be to find a way to do away with robo calls and unwanted marketing calls once and for all and presented a credible plan for doing so, I would be tempted to vote for them for that reason alone!

I had a problem with telemarketers.

A few months ago I would answer the call and if it was a telemarketer I would hang up and scroll down to “Block this caller” and click on it.

It took a little while but I get less than 2-3 telemarketing call a month now.

Been blocking telemarketer numbers for years but they just keep using new phone numbers. Still get 3+ per day.

AT&T give me an alert when the phone rings if it is a telemarketer or spam when the phone rings. None have ever gone the distance to go to voice mail.

That doesn’t work anymore, at least not around here. They cycle through hundreds of numbers daily, often with "real sounding " names and numbers from just about everywhere.
It has reached an epidemic for sure.

I hit “1” then berate them when they pick up on their end. I figure their employees deserve to be as miserable as possible in their jobs. Then I block the number.

If I choose to engage, I ask them for their personal cell # so I can bother them whenever I feel like it. :wink:

No takers so far.

For me, it was January 2018 when the number of spam callers skyrocketed from a couple a month to six a day! After some research, my dramatic increase in junk callers may be a coincidence of factors, but in general, the telemarketers have learned that there is little to no consequence for violating the no-call list.

One of the most interesting (and illegal) things they do, is identify numbers with your prefixes that are active but little used and somehow make that number appear on your caller id.

The legit calls (though still violating the no-call law) have opt-out options which have reduced my number of calls. Blocking calls rarely does much since they use many source numbers. The other thing that seems to have reduced my calls is too engage the caller. I immediately tell them that under Colorado law, they must tell me their personal phone number since they have my number. Of course, this isn’t true, but these wh…s (er. prostitutes) don’t know that. That usually terminates the call from their end. If it doesn’t my fun begins. :twisted:

I am now down to about 2 spam calls a week.