I have a free admission ticket to the Vegas Convention. Who wants it?

Don’t take it unless you are going to actually use it.

Don’t take it if you already registered for the Vegas Convention.

I’d like it to go to someone who wasn’t going to go, but would if I could get them in for free.

I am still on the fence

Son of a…I just booked it this morning.

Get off the fence man. It’s time to get together to talk, learn, plan, and even have a bit of fun :slight_smile:

As Troy said, get off the fence and go already! I can’t make it this time or else I would have taken that generous pass.

It seems that every year something comes up and I can’t make it. Two years ago, I had my flight booked, hotel booked and entrance paid for and then had to cancel out.

One day I will get to it…but it doesn’t look like I can make it this year either…

I was going to go with the free Sunday and Tuesday offer but couldn’t buy Monday and Wednesday like I wanted. Not enough money. Let me know the details Nick.

Sheehan, you win. Email me at fastreply@nachi.org and I’ll get the ticket over to you. And I’ll add in a bonus: Anytime you are in my presence, your drinks are on me.

Nothing wrong with that deal!

Am i too late? I would love to go, forgot to pre-register and get the early bird special.

Got to get up really Earlier on the west coast to see these deals. Missed it agian

Thanks Nick!

Sheehan, the bonus is good for diet cokes and decaf, soy based chai teas too. :wink:

Great! Haha

When looking over the schedule did not see any prices for the Bowling or Card tournaments .
Anybody know the fees and also want to do some adventuring.
Who knows where the giant parachute fan is or the Big zip line outside Vegas in the mountains.
Some of you guys do not have one leg in the grave yet so tell me if any of you like action stuff.

The Poker Tourney has been $25 the past couple of conferences. Not sure about the bowling.

You should have a great time. They always put on a hell of an event.

I may do a machine gun rental depending on price. :wink:

We see enough guns in Chicago.:slight_smile:

Make sure you make plans to go to Fremont St if you have not been. I will be planning on having dinner at Binions